The idea for our brand

As product specialists our business is focussed on one thing; our potatoes, and we believe that if you are going to do one thing it is best to do that one thing really, really well. With this in mind we set out to build a strong brand to celebrate Great British potatoes and to bring our customers the freshest produce, carefully grown by the best growers, using the best varieties.

The story so far

We have our own reason for fireworks on November 5th; this was the date in 2009 when the Garden Of Elveden brand was launched. We are delighted that our very first customer back then is still with us today and has placed orders for our brand every week since. Our brand continues to grow and the range now includes Baking Potatoes, Salad Potatoes, Maris Piper Potatoes, Chipping Potatoes, White Potatoes and Seasonal New Potatoes. All our potatoes are freshly packed in a wide range of formats and pack sizes from 750g to 25kg.

Get involved

We are especially proud of our brand, to others they may simply be potatoes, but to us we don’t just care about our brand, we obsess about it. We insist on the highest standards of quality and consistency so that our customers can expect the same quality with every purchase. Nothing is taken for granted and we will continue to work hard to build a network of great businesses that share our enthusiasm for the best in fresh produce. So please contact us to find out more about becoming a valued customer or to find your nearest Garden Of Elveden stockist.

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